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Do You?
•  Struggle with yo-yo dieting?

•  Sabotage your efforts to eat well and reach your goal weight?

•  Have issues with cravings, emotional eating, slow metabolism, alcohol or binge-eating?

•  Beat yourself up with negative self-talk about your weight and lack of willpower?

•  Feel frustrated or ashamed about your lack of success losing weight?

•  Want to lose weight but dread the process because it feels “too hard”?

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After 20 years of yo-yo dieting and emotional binge-eating, I finally upgraded my mindset. Today I've been binge-free for 15 years and I help women around the world make the shift to "thinking thin".

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When your thoughts and feelings are truly aligned with your desire to be slim and healthy, that's exactly what you will be.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so grateful to Victoria for giving me the tools to make the Mindset Reset.
She helped me to realistically clarify my goals to be fit and healthy and to make them happen.

It all clicked into place. Short term changes are easily made and eventually broken. But long term changes need a Mindset Reset.

Victoria helped me pinpoint the thoughts and beliefs that were holding me back.

I had never thought it possible that I would achieve my goals but I have and continue to do so.

The seeds that were sown have germinated and are thriving.

The Mindset Reset Programme is most certainly not just for weight loss. I’ve been applying it to exercise goals.

Never in a million years would I have thought I could – or would have wanted to – stick with an exercise programme. But I am!

I feel and see the results. IT WORKS!

                                                                                                                             Elisabeth, Mosman
I was searching for a long term solution to the ongoing struggle with my weight. Victoria gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to not only get my weight and health in check, but to find more joy and happiness in many other areas of my life as well.
Over the years I have tried so many diets and food plans, exercise was more of a means to an end rather than a pleasurable experience.  I am now confident that I will never need another diet nor will I feel deprived, hungry or overwhelmed with guilt when I eat.  I am loving many different forms of exercise and feel stronger happier and more energetic than I have in years.
I am so grateful I found Victorias website and committed to the mindset reset programme, I had no idea weight loss could be so pleasurable and have such a positive impact on so many areas of my life. Georgia Kelly, Maroubra
Thank you, Victoria. You’ve been amazingly helpful and inspiring. I feel deeply transformed and empowered through your (Skype) coaching program. I’ve finally learnt to nurture more supportive beliefs, take better care of myself, and resolved my internal conflicts surrounding my weight loss approach and body image.
 Marilena, London UK
Mindset Reset / Brain Retrain for Weight Loss - Program Reviews

I only refer people to experts I know and trust. Victoria Morrison and her programs are first class. I have recommended her audio program - Mindset Reset - to countless people. I can always tell which of my clients have completed the program; they are the ones who go from "I really should exercise and eat right but it's so hard" to "I want to exercise and eat right - so I do!"

By popular demand, Mum's the Word Fitness has engaged Victoria to deliver another of her practical and entertaining seminars in November 2014. I encourage anyone who struggles with weight loss to attend.

Mindset really is the missing link and Victoria breaks down what you need to change into (dare I say) bite-size chunks. Whether you get this information via a seminar or through her audio program or coaching, make sure you get it. It will change your approach to weight loss - and get you the results you want!

Mum's the Word Fitness website
 Cathy Lloyd-Prowse - Head Trainer / Owner of Mum's the Word Fitness
Mindset Reset for Weight Loss - Program Review

An honest, no BS program that really does focus on getting actual lifelong results. As a running coach and personal trainer, I have researched numerous diets and nutrition programs to support clients in achieving their weight loss goals.  While clients have had some level of short term success when changing their diet along with exercise, the results have been incredible for those who have taken on Victoria’s Mindset Reset for Weight Loss program. Their approach to weight oss changes completely, and the changes have been long term. No more yo-yo dieting. This program has helped clients make that mental shift in the way they think about food. If you are looking to change the way you think about weight loss, and actually enjoy the process, Victoria's Mindset Reset for Weight Loss program is for you.

RunStart website
 Simon Moore - Running Coach / Personal Trainer / Business Owner
  • I found Victoria very professional and inspiring and I will be attending the workshop in Feb
  • Really got something out it, it was a boost I needed, really connected with Victoria
  • Enjoyed last Tuesday's event, great information
  • This program is exactly what I needed at this point
  • This has been beneficial for me feeling ready to make the changes that will enable me to reach my goal
  • The program was interesting and can be used in lots of areas
Workshop participant feedback Dec 2013 & Feb 2014

AYM provided a framework with which I could release any negative emotions from my past that were holding me back. The AYM program enabled me to create a clear vision of my goals in life and has enabled me to rely on my own resourcefulness to fulfil my potential.

Susie, Sydney

I have tried over 20 diets and “succeeded” many times to lose weight. I have never however managed to make this a lifestyle change. This program and the way Victoria has helped to make this a natural way of life is surprisingly easy. I have no doubts anymore that I will achieve and maintain my goals for life!

Jennifer, Sydney

It’s a great program and Victoria was a great leader and got me to believe in it which was going to be a hurdle for me. It’s not about “going on a diet”; it’s all up to you and the program’s emphasis is on that and ensuring that you carry it through to long term which is important to me…

Anonymous (by request)

Really loved the NLP aspects – Victoria really “spoke my language”. She’s great! She shows great guidance and leadership and is very encouraging. She keeps it simple.

Lucy O’Neill, Sydney

A few months ago I was terribly depressed and sick of both myself because I wanted to lose weight and had hit a brick wall and sick of my life due to a long and difficult relationship. I spent day after day not wanting to get out of bed and being consistently tired. Someone had mentioned hypno-therapy and although I was extremely dubious, during my online research I came across a site regarding lifestyle coaching run by Victoria Morrison.  I read everything I could regarding NLP and I felt rather drawn to this particular site.  After sending an email Victoria called and arranged to visit me at home.

I did not wish to get involved in any psycho-babble (which many of the courses advertised certainly were).. and there could not be a more sceptical person than I,  but after talking with Victoria for an hour or so decided it sounded exactly what I was looking for so I made my first appointment for the following week.

It was a 6 hour session and to me the effect was immediate. The way I saw and reacted to certain things. That is not to say that I don’t have to work at staying on track but all the tools I need are in the literature as well as being able to keep in touch with Victoria via email.

It has made a huge change to my life and one for which I will be forever grateful.

I have discussed it with several friends and even they have noticed how much more positive I have become.

I would like to recommend this course to anyone who needs help with weight loss and a healthy happy life in general.

Sue Key, Canada Bay

I stumbled across (Victoria's) website and really related to Victoria’s description of her own journey of weight loss. I then rang the number for a free consultation and spoke to Victoria there and then (no recorded message). The ideas and concepts that Victoria spoke to me about was like a breath of fresh air and I saw a whole new way to tackle my issues.

The (telephone coaching) program opened my eyes to a different way of losing weight. I had grabbled for 20 years with varying degrees of success in weight loss. I only wanted to lose 3 kilograms to achieve my ideal weight.  Prior to (working with Victoria) I had convinced myself that it was not something I could achieve. I learnt so many LIFE skills from the program and I no longer have to think about food and exercise all the time. I originally thought that to lose the weight it would be a journey of deprivation and denying myself. By focusing on the outcome I wanted I was able to shed the excess weight easily and not even feel the need to check in on my weight loss each week AND enjoy the journey.

The results have exceeded my expectations. As I result of this program, not only did I discover that I could achieve my ideal weight, I also discovered that with the right mindset I could improve other aspects of my life such as relationships with family and friends and my lack of motivation to getting tasks done.

Penny Wall, Victoria

I initially subscribed to Victoria’s newsletters.  After a few months of reading them, I decided to give Victoria a go as her program looked like the best method.

Victoria has helped me to achieve my goals of living a healthy fit lifestyle.  Her program empowered me to work on me.

I am half way to achieving my goal. It has been so easy so far – achieving my ultimate goal will be easy.

Julian Facer, Erskineville

Activate Your Mind has changed the way I think about food and eating and I am now excited about my journey to my ideal body without the stress of failure – “I can, I will, I am!!!”

Kim Rowland, Northbridge

I was over binging on food and feeling bad/sabotaging/beating myself up. I had no life except for work and the gym and had even stopped being social due to food. Then, my personal trainer showed me Victoria’s website.

Victoria is great, makes you feel at ease – great listener. I never thought a month later, when re-reading my limiting beliefs that I would brush them aside. I feel confident with the tools to carry on and achieve my goals and dreams easily.

Debbie Ainslie, Drummoyne